Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Home Treatment For Saving Your Teeth Affected By Periodontitis

by Hugh Larson

If you have periodontitis, your receding and swollen gums may be causing some of your teeth to become very loose. To help save them, the key is to pull out the infection and heal the gums. Use the following three-step home treatment plan using ingredients found in most supermarkets, health stores, and pharmacies, as well as some that you already have in your house.

Step 1:  Rinse With A Homemade Antibacterial Mouthwash

Since the main cause of your receding gums and resulting loose teeth is a bacterial infection in your gums, the first step uses a mouthwash that will kill the germs. Each of the ingredients has powerful antibacterial properties.

You will need a teaspoon each of bleach, throat antiseptic spray, and hydrogen peroxide.

In a small container, mix the ingredients with a tablespoon of warm water. Swish half of the mouthwash in your mouth for two minutes, then spit it out. Repeat with the remaining liquid for an additional two minutes, concentrating on the areas where you have loose teeth.

Do not rinse your mouth. Instead, go on to step two.

Step 2:  Brush Your Teeth With Paste You Make Yourself

This toothpaste will kill bacteria and help calm the inflammation in your gums. Along with a regular toothbrush, you will also need a mini-dental brush. Its stiff bristles and tiny pointed end will allow you to clean between your teeth and deliver the paste directly to the problem areas.

You will also need a half of a teaspoon of salt, a half of a teaspoon of baking soda, and a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Mix the ingredients in the palm of your hand or in a shallow dish.

Dip your mini-dental brush into the paste and gently insert it between your teeth. You may see some bleeding caused by the bristles. This is normal, especially if your gums are very irritated. This will lessen with each treatment.

After you have used the small brush, dip your regular-sized toothbrush into the paste and brush your teeth as normal. After rinsing out the paste, go on to the third step of the treatment plan.

Step 3:  Use Oil To Pull Out Infection And Inflammation

This step uses the method of oil pulling that pulls the infection and inflammation out of your gums. When these are reduced, your gums will become healthier and start plumping up. They should then be able to hold your teeth in place.

This recipe for making your own oil uses coconut oil as its base. Peppermint oil is also used for its pleasant taste and numbing properties that will help relieve any soreness.

In a small cup or glass, mix together an eighth of a cup of coconut oil and ten drops of peppermint oil. Rinse your mouth with the oily solution while swishing it in between your loose teeth. Keep the oil in your mouth as long as you can stand it, striving for ten minutes.

Once you are done rinsing and swishing, spit out the oil. Do not rinse your mouth or eat anything for an hour. This will give the residual oil coating your gums more time to work.

The above can be used twice a day until you see improvement in the looseness of your teeth. While there are no guarantees, this home treatment plan will increase your chances of getting rid of the gum infection and saving your teeth. However, if you do end up losing one or two, you may want to speak to your dentist about dental implants that will replace them and restore the gaps in your smile.


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