Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

How To Keep The Symptoms Of Varicose Veins From Affecting Your Sleep At Night

by Hugh Larson

If your medical provider diagnosed you with varicose veins, you probably take medications to control the restless and achy feelings you have in your legs. But sometimes medication isn't enough. There's another way to get rid of your symptoms with varicose vein treatment, which removes the damaged veins with a laser. But until you see a varicose vein specialist, you can do three things in the comfort of your home to alleviate the symptoms and feel better at night.

Use Large Pillows at Night

Varicose veins describe a condition that develops from enlarged, twisted blood vessels. These blood vessels normally circulate blood to your heart, but sometimes they collapse or weaken from excess strain or pressure. The condition often shows up if you're overweight, pregnant or suffering from circulation problems that make the blood pump harder inside them. Sitting in a chair or standing on your feet too long can also create enlarged veins in your legs – especially if you stand or sit on hard surfaces.

Although you can experience symptoms at any given time, they may be worse at night when you lie down. The blood may settle or build up inside your twisted veins because it can't circulate back to your heart fast enough. Your legs may feel crampy and achy because of this problem.

To ease these symptoms, you can do one of the following things:

  • Lie flat on your back and place a large pillow under your knees to elevate your lower legs – this may help the blood travel back to your heart
  • Lie on your left side and place one medium-sized pillow between your legs – blood circulates back to the heart better when you sleep on your left side
  • Wear suppression stockings on your legs at night – the stockings help control swelling and fluid buildup in your legs so that the blood circulates better through your veins

If these tips don't work for you, consult your varicose vein specialist for other ideas you can use until your treatment. This includes making a change in your diet.

Add Organic Coconut Oil to Your Meals

How you prepare and cook your meals during the day may have a great influence over how well you sleep at night with varicose veins. Using the wrong cooking oils may add stress to your damaged veins because they can actually clog up your arteries.

Clogged arteries can't send a healthy supply of blood to your veins, which need this to happen in order to send blood back to your heart. If there isn't enough blood to recirculate to your heart, the varicose veins become weaker from the lack of stimulation. Your legs may feel tingly, achy and cold at night.

You can help stop or reduce these problems by using organic coconut oil in your stir-fried or sauteed dishes. You can even add the oil to your desserts, baked meat dishes, salad dressings, and soups or stews. Organic coconut oil benefits your varicose veins' condition because it contains antioxidants that:

  • Lower your blood sugar levels – which helps keep your blood vessels healthy and strong
  • Absorbs vitamins like E and A – these vitamins remove the free radicals from your blood that make them weak and susceptible to disease
  • Reduces cholesterol and other fatty acids in your arteries – this promotes healthier blood circulation throughout your body, including your damaged veins

You should try to cook with organic coconut oil daily for the best results. However, you can always consult with a professional nutritionist for more meal ideas.

Varicose vein treatment may improve your condition once you have the procedure done. Until then, you can improve your sleep habits by eating healthier and using the right sleep aids. Contact a company like Vein Clinic Of Las Vegas for more information.


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