Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Mammography: Reasons Why Some Men Require This Test

by Hugh Larson

Most men don't even consider having a mammogram because they think breast cancer is not a risk for them. Although it is rare, this type of cancer does happen to men occasionally and the risk increases as they become senior citizens. Some men are more likely to be at risk for breast cancers than others.

A Type of Xray

Mammography is simply a study of the breast that is performed by taking an x-ray. Doctors recommend most women over the age of 50 have one every couple of years. Since breast cancer is such a rare occurrence in males, physicians don't usually order a mammogram until there is reason to suspect a problem.

Reasons Some Men Have a Greater Risk

If you have a mother, sister or grandmother that has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you have a greater risk of getting the disease. Other reasons include:

  1. A history of x-rays in the chest area.
  2. Gynecosmastia:  This simply means the man's breasts grow larger. The problem can occur due to a variety of reasons.
  3.  The male has cirrhosis of the liver.
  4. A male takes estrogen for a medical reason.
  5. The male has Klinfelter's syndrome.
  6.  A man has experienced an injury to the testicles. Another reason is that the man has an undescended testicle or disease in this area of his body.

Warning Signs of Breast Cancer in a Male

Breast cancer is not more severe in males than females, but the prognosis may not be as optimistic as it can be for women. This is because many men ignore a lump in their breast and think it will go away with time. Women are more knowledgeable about the prevalence of breast cancer in females, therefore, they are more likely to seek the advice of a doctor and have regular mammograms. Many men wait until there are more alarming symptoms, such as a bloody discharge from the nipple. At this point, the disease may have spread to other parts of the body.

Knowing whether you have one or more of the risk factors of breast cancer for males is one of the best ways to catch this disease before it spreads. Once you are aware that your risk is higher than for most males, you can do monthly breast exams to check for any lumps. Speak to your doctor during your annual exam about your risk factors. He or she can discuss what other steps you may need to do to keep yourself healthy.

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