Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

College & Bunions: Planning For Surgery & Recovery

by Hugh Larson

When bunions reach a point of severe discomfort, it can be challenging for a college student to navigate their daily life and school needs. One of the best solutions to this pain and discomfort is bunion surgery. There are many types of bunion surgeries and each one involves different elements of the recovery process. As a college student, it's important to understand your various options and select the best accommodations so that you can complete class as needed. As a new semester is about to begin, it's a good idea to plan as much as you can ahead of time and work on staying organized through the healing process.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Options

To help limit your recovery time, you can contact bunion removal doctors about minimal invasive surgery options. With these types of surgeries, your foot will only have to have small incisions placed on it instead of having the whole foot opened up. By doing this surgery, you have the ability to return to your feet faster and recover without missing a lot of class time. Getting this type of surgery depends on how severe your bunion is. In some cases, these types of surgeries may not fully heal the bunion or relieve all of the pain that is associated with it. A bunion surgeon, such as Richard Moy DPY INC, can explain your different options and focus on surgeries with the best recovery times.

Dorm Room Access

After getting bunion surgery done, you will be really limited on your ability to walk. This process can last for several weeks until you are walking normal again. If you live on campus, then you may have the ability to make it easier to get to class or other parts of the campus. Before the semester starts, you can put in a request to have a dorm room located as close to campus as possible. This will make it easier for you to travel without putting so much strain on your feet. You may also request a first floor room so you do not have to rely on stairs, elevators, or extra travel time on your feet. By putting in any of these requests, you can make it a lot easier for your during those first few months of recovery.

Online Classes

Even if you live on campus, a number of universities are now offering online courses for students to take. These courses keep you out of the classroom and allow you to complete tasks without the extra travels needed on campus. By enrolling in online classes, you will have the ability to keep up with your courses and ensure that your bunion surgery does not impact your ability to learn and grow in school. This allows you to schedule a bunion surgery in the middle of a semester if it is needed. Even if you are on bed rest for a few days, you have the ability to recover from your foot surgery and still get a lot of work done.

Campus Transportation

Walking around campus can be extremely challenging, especially if you're on crutches or experiencing a lot of pain. Bunion doctors can help with this process by recommending all types of transportation equipment that can help you get around campus. For example, you may eligible to get a knee scooter. These scooters will allow you to keep your foot elevated and away from contact on the ground while you're traveling around campus. These scooters also feature baskets on the front that can be used to hold books and devices like tablets. Additional transportation tools may include golf carts or walking boots.

Planning ahead is the best way to thrive in college and help eliminate any bunion issues that you may have.


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Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

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