Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

A Beginner's Guide to the Benefits of Using a Whole Body Vibration Machine to Help You Start an Exercise Regimen

by Hugh Larson

Attempting to lose weight to improve your overall health and appearance can be a daunting task especially if you are trying to become active after years of living a sedentary lifestyle. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of exercise programs and equipment on the market. However, if you looking for a low-impact machine that can help you lose weight and get in better shape without causing you injury, you should consider investing in a whole vibration body machine.

The ins and outs of whole body vibration machines are explained below and can help you decide on the best type of machine to purchase.

How Whole Body Vibration Machines Work

Whole body vibration machines look like a cross between a short treadmill and an elliptical machine without the foot pedals. The platform on the machine vibrates as you stand and hold on to the handle bars. The machines also have a control pad that is similar to those on treadmills that include options for you to control the intensity, type and time of your workout.

Whole body vibration machines help you lose weight by creating high-frequency vibrations that force your muscles to contract and relax at a high speed.

Some models come with hand straps to help you diversify your workout with upper body workouts. You can also use the vibration platform as a stable surface to perform body weight exercises like pushups. If you prefer to sit, you can put your feet on the platform while sitting in a chair to perform certain body weight and strength exercises as well.

Health Benefits

Attempting to start an intense running regimen or any other hardcore fitness program to lose weight is not realistic if you have been out of shape for a long time. Using a whole body vibration machine can give you many of the same benefits of a fitness regimen without the high-impact stress on your body that can lead to injuries.You do not have to run like on a treadmill or exert yourself moving pedals up and down like on an elliptical machine.

You can get a full body workout minus the worry of harming yourself in a high impact activity. Studies on the effects of the machine have been performed on senior citizens, patients with spinal cord injuries and post-menopausal women. Some exercises such as squats are more effective when performed on a whole body vibration machine.

Exercising on a whole body vibration machine can:

  • Improve your balance and flexibility
  • Help to reduce bone loss
  • Decrease back pain
  • Burn fat
  • Build muscle strength

Doctors also use the machine to help patients suffering from injuries that affect muscles and nerves.

Choosing the Best Machine

Whole body vibration machine range in size from fully-equipped models that are just like the ones in fitness centers and small, portable devices. If you do not have a lot of space in your home for exercise equipment, you can purchase machines that fold up and can be stored in a corner or closet.

The main specifications you should examine when you are shopping for a whole body vibration machine are:

  • Platform size
  • Power consumption
  • Maximum load
  • User interface

The larger the platform, the more space your machine will take up. But a large platform also gives you more space to maneuver and perform complementary exercises A large machine will also consume more power.

The maximum load is an important measure to consider if you are concerned about the maximum weight the machine can hold while operating efficiently. The user interface on the exercise machine can range from a simple touch pad with a few controls to a cutting-edge LCD screen with a wide range of options.

Any machine you purchase should also come with a warranty, user manual and information on how to obtain technical support and repairs.


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Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

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