Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Understanding Some Important Information About Silicone Breast Impants

by Hugh Larson

If you want a breast augmentation to enhance that size and shape of the breasts, then you will need to speak with a cosmetic surgeon about your desires. This professional can help you understand your options when it comes to implants, which include choosing the material that the implant will be made out of. You may understand that saline and silicone implants are the two main types. This is true, and many people choose silicone varieties because they make the breasts feel more natural. If you are considering silicone implants, then there are a few things you should know about them. 

You May Need To Schedule Regular Imaging

Saline implants release sterile salt water into the body if they rupture. Since the saline is thin, the implant is likely to deflate relatively quickly when this happens. The problem will be quite noticeable, and you will need to schedule a surgery to have the implant replaced. However, the issue is not considered a medical emergency. This is good news when it comes to your health. 

Silicone implants leak much more slowly when a rupture occurs, but the fluid in the casing will still release into your chest. When this happens, the silicone cannot be broken down and excreted like saline. It remains in the body. Unfortunately, silicone can travel to the lungs, lymph nodes, or another part of the body, where it will pool and remain in place. 

Fortunately, since silicone is so thick, it often leaks and remains in the breast itself. The scar tissue that surrounds the implant acts like a wall to keep the material in place. You are likely to feel pain, soreness, and general irritations around the breast though when the silicone comes into contact with the tissues. However, some leaks are silent ones that produce no symptoms.

Since silicone can migrate over time, it is wise to locate leaks when they first develop. This way the leaking implant can be removed and replaced. To help keep serious issues from occurring, you will likely be asked to go through imaging on occasion so the implants can be assessed. An ultrasound will be completed first. If there are possible signs of a leak, then an MRI will be scheduled to further investigate the problem. 

If leaks are a concern for you, then you can also ask your surgeon about implants with thicker casings. While the implants may not feel as smooth as ones with thinner shells, they are far less likely to rupture. The thick casing in conjunction with regularly scheduled image testing can protect you successfully from future health problems.

You Can Choose Thicker Silicone

The natural feel and smoothness of the breast is why many women choose silicone implants over saline varieties. With the expert placement of incisions as well, the implants are hard to detect. However, implant manufacturers understand that possible complications that arise when a silicone implant ruptures. To help reduce concerns and complications, manufacturers have recently started producing implants with stable silicone that is much thicker. In this way, the silicone is more like a molded piece of jello instead of a syrupy solution. In fact, professionals often refer to them as gummy-bear implants due to the texture and stability.

While gummy-bear silicone implants may not feel as natural as traditional silicone varieties, they can reduce rupture concerns immensely. The implants still feel more natural than saline implants, but the silicone will not release from the shell if the implant ruptures. It will remain in place and will not migrate into another area of the body. Some slight irritation or swelling may be noted, but you will experience no serious long-term effects of the rupture. 

There are a few drawbacks to the implants. You will need longer incisions so the implants can be added to the breasts. This is due to the firmness of the implants and the need for a large opening. Also, the breasts can look lopsided if the implant rotates or moves in the breast. A surgical correction will likely be needed if this occurs. 

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