Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Eyelids Always Inflamed? You May Have Blepharitis

by Hugh Larson

Have you noticed that your eyelids are puffy, red, and irritated? You probably have a condition known as blepharitis, which is essentially swelling and soreness of the eyelids. Before you panic, you should know that most cases of this condition are relatively minor and easy to treat. Here's a closer look.

What causes blepharitis?

There are many possible causes of blepharitis. It can be caused by allergies to anything from pet dander to mold spores. Sometimes, it is caused by eye dryness or a sensitivity to contact lens solution. There are also cases caused by a bacterial infection of the eyelids.

What should you do if you think you have blepharitis?

First, you should consider the most likely causes of the condition. Did you forget to take your allergy meds or were you exposed to something you have a known allergy to? Did you switch to a new brand of contact lens solution? Mascara, eye shadow, and even certain laundry soap can also cause this irritation. If you can think of a likely cause, then try to address that cause and see how your eyelids respond. For instance, you can take a dose of allergy medication or go back to your old brand of contact solution.

If your symptoms don't clear up within a few days or if you can't figure out what could be causing your eyelid swelling, make an appointment with your eye doctor. They will take a look at your eyelid and give you a better idea of what could be causing the condition.

Your eye doctor might take a swab of your eyelid to see whether bacteria are causing the problem. If this is the case, you'll likely be given antibiotic drops to put in your eye a few times a day. This should clear up the symptoms within a week or so.

Will blepharitis come back?

Some people do have ongoing problems with blepharitis. Usually, however, this is because you haven't quite figured out how to avoid the cause of your symptoms yet. You may have to do some trial-and-error experimentation with different allergy meds, contact solutions, and other cosmetics before you find the right combination that does not irritate your eyelids. Don't give up -- when you do find what works, your eyelids should go back to normal.

To learn more about blepharitis and how to handle eyelid inflammation, speak with an eye doctor in your local area.


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