Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

When Pain Medications Aren't Enough: Surgical Options For Migraine Relief

by Hugh Larson

Migraines that are out of control and not managed with pain medications can be life changing. When you are suffering from migraines and your quality of life suffers, it's time to consider your surgical options. Compressed or irritated nerves in your cranial area are generally the triggers that lead to chronic, painful migraines. While medication can ease the irritation for some people, others find no relief with prescription medications. The compression can be relieved through surgery, decreasing the nerve irritation and hopefully ending your migraines completely.

Headaches and Your Physique

When migraines don't respond to pain medications, it's time for your doctor to consider the structure of your facial anatomy. Inflammation with certain facial nerves that may be compressed by anatomical differences can be a cause of some migraines that won't go away. The trigeminal nerve and the branches associated with it are those nerves that are responsible for nerve conductivity in your head and neck. Physicians have identified four potential areas for surgical correction that can eliminate the pressure causing nerve irritation and leading to migraines.

Where Your Headache May be Originating From

Migraines and the specific treatment for each type differs. Headaches above the eyebrows, behind the eyes, and those that start at the back or base of the neck are the three main types of migraine headaches. Surgical treatment for each type of migraine involves blocking the nerve pain, or reducing the pressure that is causing the irritation in the first place.

Testing if You're a Good Candidate for Surgery

You will meet with a treatment provider regarding your migraines to determine if you are a good candidate for surgical intervention. You will need to provide all treatment records from physicians who have treated you for migraines. To be a candidate for surgery, you must have chronic migraines that don't respond to traditional medications. Your doctor may try a BOTOX injection or nerve block treatment to see how you respond. A good response to these two types of therapies will give your physician a better idea if surgery is the right option for you. 

When you have tried all types of pain medications and your daily life is controlled by migraines, it's time to get the help you deserve. When you talk with your doctor about migraine surgery, make sure that you can provide as many details as possible about your migraines, the duration, and any symptoms associated. Contact a medical center like the Northeastern Migraine Surgery Center to learn more.


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Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

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