Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Understanding The Truth Behind Some Sclerotherapy Myths

by Hugh Larson

If you have a great deal of spider web veins across your legs, then you may want to have the veins treated. This is possible with something called sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy may be something that you have been scared to try in the past. However, this may be due to certain myths floating around involving the treatment. Keep reading to learn about these myths and to find out the truth about the treatment. 

Myth - Sclerotherpy Does Not Work

One of the most common myths surrounding sclerotherapy is that the treatment does not work. The treatment does work in most cases, with about 20% of individuals who see results that are considered poor or moderate. Also, around 10% of individuals see brown streaks where the spider veins used to be. You should understand that you may need as many as six treatments as well before you see optimal results.

While these things are true, the majority of people see positive results with sclerotherapy. Also, some of the less than optimal results are often due to poor spider vein aftercare once the saline solution is forced through the veins. 

In general, aftercare involves the use of compression stockings directly after the sclerotherapy is over. When the saline solution is forced into the veins, this triggers a reaction that causes them to shrink and cave in. If you place pressure on the veins, then this encourages the process. However, if you choose to skip the compression garments, then the veins may slouch, protrude, or appear lumpy. Also, the veins may simply not shrink or cave in and the treatment will be ineffective.

Do not make the mistake of using regular compression stockings after the treatment. You will need heavy or heavy duty compression stockings instead. Look for the whole leg varieties at your local medical supply store. Walking is encouraged after your vein treatment, and you should wear your stockings for at least two full days after treatment. 

Myth - Spider Veins Will Return

One thing that drives people away from sclerotherapy is the myth that the spider veins may return. This is a concern, and it may be true. However, it is not due to the treatment failing. In fact, new spider veins will appear, and they will do so in different parts of the legs. This means that the originally treated veins will cave in, but new veins will protrude and appear purple. 

The appearance of the new veins has a lot to do with the reason why they appeared in the first place. There are certain risk factors that make the veins appear. If you are overweight, constantly on your feet, or expose your legs to a great deal of sunlight, then you are likely to develop the vein issue. 

This means that you can do certain things to prevent the appearance of new veins. Make sure to exercise to keep your weight down. Exercising also helps to keep blood flowing through your veins so that blood does not pool and cause vein protrusion. 

If you are on your feet a great deal for work, then wear compression stockings during the day. Wearing stockings that offer more moderate compression is a good idea. You do not need heavy duty compression, and this is often uncomfortable when it comes to long-term wear. 

Wearing sunscreen is a good way to prevent spider veins as well. However, hormone fluctuations and genetics may cause the veins to appear, too. These are things that cannot be controlled, so you may see the reappearance of the veins based on your specific biology. The good news is that sclerotherapy treatments can be completed again if new veins appear, and the treatment will likely be successful if the first round of your sclerotherapy was also successful. 

For more information about sclerotherapy and other spider vein services, contact a medical professional in your area, such as Dr. Mackay, Vein & Circulation Specialist.


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