Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Five Little Known Things To Know About Varicose Veins

by Hugh Larson

Those who suffer from varicose veins, which are bulging veins on the legs often feel that they do not have anything to worry about and that this issue comes with age. However, this isn't the case. Here are five little-known things you should know abut varicose veins:

  1. Varicose Veins Indicate a Deeper Problem: Varicose veins are often a sign of a deeper issue that usually has to do with the veins underneath them. For this reason, it's important to have an ultrasound that will indicate what that underlying problem may be. 
  2. Varicose Veins Can Lead to Blood Clots: The problem with varicose veins is that they often lead to blood clots that can cause major problems with the blood system in general. For this reason, you will want to have them fixed before it causes major issues. The reason it causes blood clots is because when the veins become larger, that's when blood begins to pool and potentially clot. 
  3. Varicose Veins Have More Symptoms Than Just Bulging Veins: Too often, people overlook varicose veins because they don't notice that the veins are too large. This is why it's important to pay attention to other symptoms that indicate possible varicose veins. These symptoms include cramping, swelling, skin discoloration, and restlessness. If you notice these signs, get it checked by a doctor to determine whether or not it's varicose veins. 
  4. Varicose Veins are More Common in Women: Although varicose veins occur in a wide range of people with different backgrounds and gender, it's more common in women. This is why it's even more important to pay attention to the symptoms as a woman. 
  5. Screenings are Free: It's important to get screened for varicose veins and receive treatment if you believe you might have it. Keep in mind that screenings are free, which is even more of a reason not to skip out on them. 
  6. Treatment is Easy: Finally, it's important to know that treatment for varicose veins is easy, which is just another reason you should not avoid getting the issue addressed. Treatment doesn't require any sedation or surgery that is going to require recovery time. 

When you know these five little-known things about varicose veins, you can see that they are a serious health issue that needs to be addressed, otherwise more major concerns can become present later on down the road. Even if you don't have varicose veins, a screening can even indicate possible circulatory problems in other areas, which is important for heart health. In the end, you are sure to have better health overall. 


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Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

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