Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

4 Common Signs A Person May Be Using Heroin

by Hugh Larson

Heroin is a dangerous drug, and when a person begins using heroin there is a very high chance of becoming physically and psychologically addicted. Since the withdrawal from heroin can be severe, many people continue using even when they want to quit in order to avoid pain and discomfort. Recovering from a heroin addiction typically requires intensive heroin addiction treatment in a drug rehabilitation center. Parents of teens and young adults need to know the signs of heroin addiction in order to help their children if they become addicted. Common signs of heroin use and addiction include:

Marked Change in Behavior

Since heroin is such a strong drug, most people using show changes in behavior while high and when coming down off the drug. Someone regularly using heroin may display erratic or aggressive behavior, show signs of depression, and begin to withdraw from friends and family. While high on heroin, a person may appear very drowsy and may have difficulty speaking coherently. 

A person regularly using heroin may also become secretive and begin lying often. If your teen or young adult child begins to get caught in lies, it is often a sign that there is a problem and he or she needs help.

Money and/or Valuables Suddenly Missing

Someone who is addicted to heroin usually cannot hold down regular employment due to drug use. Since many heroin addicts don't have stable employment, they may turn to theft in order to fund their habit. If you notice that money or valuables seem to disappear when your teen or young adult child is around, it may be the sign of a drug addiction.

Presence of Heroin Paraphernalia 

Anytime someone has heroin paraphernalia, there is a high likelihood that he or she is using heroin. Some common forms of heroin paraphernalia include small plastic baggies, balloons, pipes made of metal or glass, aluminum foil, and syringes. 

Track Marks

Heroin can be smoked, sniffed, or injected. When a person begins injecting heroin, he or she will develop "track marks". Track marks happen due to the formation of scar tissue and the build up of toxins near the vein where heroin is injected. A person injecting heroin will often have track marks on his or her forearms, but track marks can be found anywhere on the body where the heroin in injected. A heroin addict may try to hide track marks by wearing long sleeves regularly.   


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