Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul


by Hugh Larson

There are many types of medical practitioners, nurses, and other medical staff that come together to give you the care you need, whether you need routine medical care or emergency medical services. One person you may run across when you are looking for the right place to get your medical services from is a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). When you are considering seeing a FNP for your medical care, you might find yourself having questions regarding an FNP and this helpful questions and answers article may prove to be very helpful to you. Here are some questions you may find yourself asking, and their answers.

What exactly is a Family Nurse Practitioner?

A Family Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse that has gone above and beyond in their education. They will have completed specialized education, as well as clinical training that was done in a family practice setting. The advanced education and training they receive allows them to complete all the tasks required of a registered nurse, as well as treating patients in a family practice setting. They will see patients and offer preventative care, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and conditions, and offer advice and guidance regarding long-term wellness.

Do FNPs work with doctors?

In most cases, an FNP will see their own patients and act as those patient's health care practitioner. In fact, the patients of the FNPs may never see the doctor at the practice. However, FNPs do generally work directly under the supervision of a doctor. There are areas where there is a lack of physicians in which those areas are becoming more lenient and allowing FNPs to work on their own, without a supervising doctor.

What specialties do FNPs have the majority of their education and training in?

Along with their registered nurse education and training, a FNP will also receive education and training in working with all types of people at all stages of life in a family practice setting. This means the FNP will be competent and confidant with regards to working with everyone from infants up to geriatrics. This is why many FNPs end up treating entire families. Their broad scope of knowledge allows them to treat all generations on everything from preventative medicine to treating minor acute illnesses. For more serious conditions that require treatment that is out of their scope, the FNP will refer the patient to a doctor, or to a specialist who specializes in their illness or condition. Nurse Carli Larson happens to be a Family Nurse Practitioner.


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Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

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