Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

  • Two Alternate Methods You Can Use To Help You Manage Your Chronic Pain

    Dealing with chronic pain in your life can make it difficult to do everyday tasks, including going to work and taking care of your family. When you experience pain, there are many ways you can reduce and relieve your pain. In addition to taking over-the-counter and prescription pain medications, here are two alternate methods of pain management. Herbal Remedies Vitamin D Vitamin D supplementation has been shown to help relieve pain of patients who are dealing and treating chronic pain.

  • Gaining Habits To Lose Weight

    Although most of life's goals involve winning, one of America's most common goals is about losing weight. However, if your goal is to lose weight this year, you will need to gain habits to help you shed and keep off these unwanted pounds. Here's a quick guide to help you develop better habits to help you win your battle to lose: Nutrition Your eating and drinking habits play a large role in maintaining a healthy weight.

  • 4 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

    When you are pregnant, it becomes even more important to take excellent care of your body. That means feeding your body the right nutrients and avoiding bad habits, like drinking alcohol and smoking. Treating your body right won't just help you feel better throughout your pregnancy; it is also beneficial for your baby's health. Here are a few ways you can stay healthy during your pregnancy: Move Your Body When you have a growing baby inside you, some days all you want to do is lie in bed.

  • What To Do If You Have A Cat Allergy & Suspect The Previous Tenant Had A Cat

    Most tenants who have cat allergies specifically look for rental units that are—and have always been—cat free. However, sometimes a previous tenant secretly kept a cat in what was supposed to be a no pet rental unit. If you have recently moved into a rental unit and suspect a previous tenant had a cat, there are a few things you can do so you don't have to continue to suffer with allergy symptoms.

  • Signs That Your Cut Requires Emergency Medical Attention

    If you are an accident prone individual, then you may cut yourself on a regular basis. If this is a problem of yours, then you may sometimes cut yourself seriously. There are some cases when a cut requires immediate and emergency medical attention. Keep reading to learn about a few things that can inform you that you need to seek out medical care as soon as possible. The Cut Is From A Rusty Piece Of Metal

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    Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

    I have worked in a supportive role in the medical industry for over 20 years, and I have been amazed at the advances in medicine that have been made. While it is always great to hear about a new medication that helps cure a disease or a new surgical procedure that can help someone live a normal life again after an injury, I have been especially amazed at the research that has shown just how much our physical and mental health are connected. Since I keep on top of all of the amazing medical studies being performed and I know others are too busy to hunt them down themselves, I decided to start a blog to share my favorite health tips for keeping both your mind and body healthy.