Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

  • Why Some Medical Spas Offer A Massage Prior To Your Treatment

    You might be nervous to visit a medical spa for your first massage. You are hoping to reap the medical benefits of your massage, but you might worry about what will occur during the event and what it would be like to receive a massage from a professional at a medical spa. By knowing what to expect, you might find it easier to calm your nerves. Why Have a Massage at a Medical Spa?

  • Risks Of Stroke And How Locum Tenens Stroke Doctors Help

    Strokes occur when blood flow is cut off from a part of the brain, or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, creating internal pressure. They are unpredictable and risky. Being able to quickly get the medical care that you need when you are having a stroke is vital. A locum tenens stroke doctor is a doctor who can ensure that you get this care even at inopportune times.

  • About Rotator Cuff Injuries And Repairs

    You may not realize just how much you use your shoulders and how much regular wear they are put under. Whether you are doing something as simple as brushing your teeth or you are spending the day moving all your household belongings into a moving truck, you will be using your shoulders. Your rotator cuff plays a big part in the movements of your shoulders. The rotator cuff is made up of muscles and tendons, and it helps to keep the bone in the socket.

  • What You Need To Know About Bunions And Bunion Surgery

    If you have a bunion, you know that having one can make wearing shoes painful and buying shoes that fit correctly difficult. Thankfully, bunion surgery can be performed to correct the deformity. What Is a Bunion? A bunion is a bump that forms over time on the base of your big toe. It's also possible for smaller bunions, tailer's bunions, to show up on your little toe. Bunions can occur when some of the bones in your foot get moved out of the correct place.

  • 3 Herbs That Are Natural Depression Treatments

    If you have been diagnosed with depression, yet do not want to take a prescription antidepressant medication, then you may wonder what your natural depression treatment options are. While cognitive-behavioral therapy, also called talk therapy, sessions with a licensed psychologist can help you learn to overcome your depression without the use of prescription antidepressants, there are also many natural herbs that have been shown to help combat depression naturally.  Read on to learn about three herbs that are natural depression treatments and why.

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    Good Healthcare Requires Treatment of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

    I have worked in a supportive role in the medical industry for over 20 years, and I have been amazed at the advances in medicine that have been made. While it is always great to hear about a new medication that helps cure a disease or a new surgical procedure that can help someone live a normal life again after an injury, I have been especially amazed at the research that has shown just how much our physical and mental health are connected. Since I keep on top of all of the amazing medical studies being performed and I know others are too busy to hunt them down themselves, I decided to start a blog to share my favorite health tips for keeping both your mind and body healthy.